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The Business of Tech Lounge – Wednesday, Feb 28 2024

In the latest episode of the Business of Tech Lounge, it was announced that Syncro, a leading MSP platform, has appointed Michael George as its new CEO. With extensive experience in the technology industry, Michael George previously served as the CEO of Invicti Security...

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Fri Mar-1-2024: Borrowing Costs Impact, CoPilot for Finance & Windows 11 Updates, MSP 4.0, AI & More

In this episode of the Business of Tech podcast, Dave Sobel discusses rising borrowing costs impacting consumer sentiment and the untold economic story. Microsoft unveils Co-Pilot for finance and Windows 11. Plus, explore Friday Big Ideas on MSP 4.0, security, AI, and weight loss...

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Thu Feb-29-2024: Mid-Market Challenges, PyRIT Toolkit, ASCII AI, CompTIA PIA Leadership Change

On today's episode of the Business of Tech podcast, key topics include the struggles of mid-market tech companies, the introduction of Microsoft's Pirate toolkit for enhancing AI security, the rise of fractional CAIOs for steering AI strategies, and updates from ASCII, CompTIA, PIA, and...

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