The Killing IT Podcast

Hosted ByRyan Morris, Karl W. Palachuk, Dave Sobel

This podcast is a great example of BOGSAT – Bunch of Guys Sitting Around a Table. We all got together one day to talk about working together, figuring out how we could contribute to the broader IT Community . . . and have fun doing it. One of the big take-aways of that day was the Killing IT Podcast.

We are all interesting in broadening the conversation. What the hell does that mean? Well, we realized that we see a lot of “silos of knowledge.” And even more, we see silos of analysis, silos of understanding, and silos of philosophy. Too many people only talk with others in their tiny little worlds.

This is true within the SMB (small and medium business) IT community. It’s also true in the mid-market. And it’s rampant in the enterprise space. But even within each of these, programmers talk to programmers, marketing people talk to marketing people, and support techs talk to support techs.

We also LOVE the emerging world of emerging technology. Humility aside, the three hosts have built some amazing companies, sold some amazing stuff, and help guide the IT industry to where it is today. We love all this nerdy stuff and can’t wait to figure out where it all goes.

We looked for a hole that no one was filling. And we think we found it in a conscious effort to widen the circle. We want o bring in all the people who are working on IoT, LED, Lidar, LI-FI, blockchain, AI, robots, VR/AR, robotics, 3D printing, and so much more. We are constantly looking for the opportunities to integrate all these emerging skill sets.

We are funny, irreverent, intellectual, analytical, entrepreneurial, and excited about where all this stuff is going. We truly live in what Karl calls “The Exponential Century.” With luck, we can help you grab your share of the many gold mines emerging in new technology.

Your feedback is always welcome!

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Episode 208 – Botnet Battles, the State of AI, and M&A Activity in SMB

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Episode 205 – Overworking, AI, AR, and More!

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Episode 204: KIT LIVE at the SMB Online Conference

Topic 1: How much will AI change our business in the next twelve months? ChatGPT now has over 100 million users. Government wants to regulate it. We’re past the hockey stick moment.    — Topic 2: Oh Dear God – Minority Report crack for…

Epsiode 203: AI is Moving Fast, Killing IT Revisits the Cabana, & This Isn’t Goodbye but See You Later

Topic 1: The Arms Race is Here…AI is Definitely Moving Fast, but Will It Break Things? ChatGPT is now integrated in Bing as “Prometheus.” That sounds ominous. But Bard is also coming. And now Ernie. And Claude. Soon there will be AI bots…

Episode 202: The Good Guys win the Cyber Wars, Scientist Using Wifi to See Through Walls, & AI and Ethics

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Episode 201: Jobs Again, FBI Crime Data is NOT Good, & First Personal Drone to be Produced by India

Topic 1: Sorry: Let’s talk jobs. December: Total new jobs UP 235,000. That is despite the fact the enterprise companies (500 employees+) reduced jobs by 151,000 ← Great summary stats Spotify  600 (6% of workforce) Twitter  3,700 (50% of…

Episode 200: Labor Hoarding, Tech Workforce 2023, We Got the Digital Workplace Wrong

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