Episode 208 – Botnet Battles, the State of AI, and M&A Activity in SMB

Topic 1: Massive Botnet Network Taken Down

Police coordinated by the European Union’s justice and police agencies have taken down computer networks responsible for spreading ransomware via infected emails, in what they called the biggest-ever international operation against the lucrative form of cybercrime.

The European Union’s judicial cooperation agency, Eurojust, said that police arrested four “high value” suspects, took down more than 100 servers and seized control of over 2,000 internet domains.

Related Link: https://abcnews.go.com/Business/wireStory/massive-international-police-operation-takes-ransomware-networks-arrests-110667670

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Topic 2: AI Update, because We Have To

Are strategies emerging? 

Amazon is a brokerage for models Microsoft is doing CoPilot OpenAI is everywhere Apple just announced Apple Intelligence Cisco announces a pile of stuff

Is there a “killer app” coming soon? 

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Topic 3: How is the M&A Frenzy affecting SMB IT?

Google “m&a in it consulting” and you’ll find articles, events, advice, and a whole lot people scrambling for the almighty dollar.

Are the KPIs used in business acquisition really the KPIs you should be using to run a solid, long-term business?

The most common way that small businesses “end” are 1) Walk away, and 2) Sell the client list. None of those people are getting 3x profit or even 3x EBITDA. Should they change their business or just keep doing what they’re doing?

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