Episode 151 – Stolen Bitcoin, Post-Trust Economy, and the NVidia Deal is Off

Topic 1: $3.6 Bil in Stolen Bitcoin Recovered

$900,000,000 still missing. Bad news: blockchain doesn’t stop people from stealing your stuff. Good news: Once the government finds it, they can prove exactly where it was stolen.

Surprisingly normal money laundering techniques.


Topic 2: Do we have a trust deficit?

Our comments on an article in the Atlantic. A serious follow-on to the “zero trust” of crypto currency.


Topic 3 option – Revisiting NVidia-ARM Deal

Have we over-regulated, or is this good for everybody? Nvidia and Arm had worked out an extensive arms-length deal that was quite complicated. Clearly, they were designing a merger with regulators in mind.

Softbank bought Arm for $36 B and was looking forward to getting a payoff on that investment. Is this just about money, or also about technology?


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