Ethics Statement

My goal is to provide information and value to the broader IT consulting channel, including vendors and partners of all sizes.     If you deliver IT services, I believe I have a perspective to offer.

To that end, I have established a set of guiding principles.

  • When I make a mistake, I strive to correct the error promptly and disclose the correction to listeners.
  • I maintain the anonymity of my sources when asked to do so and when they are sharing information I believe to be in the public interest.
  • I honor embargoed statements from companies in the space.
  • My paid consulting assignments are advisory in nature.  I am hired to present my opinions in detail.
  • Advertisements are clearly delineated within the content of my shows.
  • I currently own stock in SolarWinds (SWI) and N-Able (NABL), which was part of my compensation from employment between 2013 and 2019.
  • I make every effort to follow the FTC guidelines in my business efforts.    
  • If you find something that requires clarification, please ask.  
For content on the Business of Tech, there are guiding principles.
  • Any paid content is clearly positioned as such. An example is ads, which are clearly different in sound and presentation.
  • There are no paid endorsements.
  • I do not accept any preconditions for coverage of a story that requires me to say certain things.
  • Any interview subjects are not given the opportunity to preview or approve interview questions, nor are they allowed to review stories prior to publication.
  • Any potential stock conflict is made available via a disclosure.
I recognize the following terminology for those who are communications professionals or authorized spokespeople for their organizations speaking on behalf of their organization in an official capacity.
  • “On the record” is the default position when speaking to MSP Radio.   You say things, they are recorded and reported on.
  • “On background” is an agreement which both must agree to, which allows discussions that are not specifically attributed to you.   There must be agreement for discussions to be on background.