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Remote Work, Equity Grants, Four-Day Workweek, Cybersecurity Threats, AI Advances

New data is revealed showing the increasing prevalence of remote work among Americans, with companies embracing flexibility and hybrid work models. Unique equity grants with varying vesting schedules are becoming more common in the tech industry, offering companies a way to attract talent and...

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Navigating Market Shifts: Inflation, AI Skepticism, Hardware Longevity

Consumers are pushing back against price hikes, leading companies like PepsiCo and Delta Airlines to consider value adjustments due to cooling inflation. Small businesses, particularly those with one to four employees, are facing revenue declines and profitability challenges, with the impending retirement of baby...

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Data Security, AI Governance, and Data Management in SaaS and AI Applications with Yasir Ali

One of the big topics discussed on The Business of Tech is data management and its relationship to data security, particularly in the context of AI technology. The guest, Yasir Ali, founder and CEO of Polymer, shares his journey from Wall Street to founding...

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