Each day, the flood of technology news hits.  In an industry that always changes, those who deliver technology services need to focus on the information that matters to them.  The Business of Tech podcast focuses on the news you need to know.   Covering both the story and why it matters to the way services are created and delivered, channel veteran Dave Sobel brings you up to speed and gives you resources to go deeper.   With insights and analysis, this five minute podcast focuses on the knowledge you need to be effective, profitable, and relevant.

The podcast is hosted by Dave Sobel, a leading expert in the delivery of technology services with broad experience in both technology and business.    He owned and operated an IT Solution Provider and MSP for over a decade, both acquiring other organizations and eventually being acquired.  This firm was a winner of multiple awards, including Kaseya’s Cutting Edge and ConnectWise’s Best New Idea, as well as being a finalist for Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner of the Year in the Small Business Specialist category.    After his MSP experience, he worked for multiple vendors at such companies as Level Platforms, GFI, LogicNow, and Solarwinds, leading community, event, marketing, and product strategies, as well as several M&A activities.

He was named a CRN Channel Chief multiple times, to the CRN UK A-List, as a Channel Futures Circle of Excellence winner, to Channel Pro’s 20/20 Visionaries, and has been an MSPmentor 250 member for multiple years  Dave has been recognized as one of the top virtualization experts globally as a Microsoft MVP for Virtualization. and author of “Virtualization: Defined.  A Primer for the SMB Consultant.” Dave has served on the executive council for Managed Services and Emerging Technologies, the Vendor Advisory Council, as founding Chair for the Mobility Community for CompTIA.

News and commentary delivered daily from experience.

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Leadership vs. Technician Priorities in IT, AI and Healthcare: Adoption Rates and Future Trends

On this episode of the Business with Tech Lounge, Dave Sobel explores the intersection of AI and healthcare, discusses the arrival of the holodeck infused with AI, and delves into frameworks and policies with John Gillum. The show previews an upcoming interview on cybersecurity and addresses questions and comments from listeners. The episode highlights Auvik’s IT Trends 2024 Industry Report, emphasizing the persistent shortage of skilled workers in IT and the increased investment in automation and outsourcing to meet industry needs. With a focus on AI and ML tools, the episode showcases the growing trend of IT professionals investing in automation technologies.

Microsoft Offers $1 Security Updates for Schools and Alt Store PAL Launches in the EU

In this episode, we discuss Microsoft’s $1 security updates for schools to address e-waste concerns, the launch of Alt Store PAL as the first alternative app store for iPhone in the EU, and the importance of using precise language in tech interactions. We also highlight Movebot as a fast and simple data-moving tool, capable of handling large-scale migrations with ease. Additionally, Microsoft’s Extended Security Updates program is detailed, allowing schools to extend Windows 10 support for a minimal cost per computer. Lastly, Slack introduces AI features to enhance teamwork, making them available to all users.

T-Mobile & Verizon Employees Targeted, U.S. AI Safety Institute Bolsters Leadership Amid Controversy

In this episode of the podcast, we delve into cybersecurity concerns and recent developments in the tech industry. From a bribery scheme targeting T-Mobile and Verizon employees to D&H distributing credits for SMB channel partners, the episode highlights the importance of human expertise in cybersecurity. The discussion also covers SIM swap attacks targeting telecom employees and the FBI’s efforts to address this growing threat. Lastly, the LockBit Ransomware-as-a-Service group’s activities in West Africa are mentioned, emphasizing the ongoing need for vigilance in the face of cyber threats.

Cisco’s Duo Incident, Ransomware Victims and Backup Compromises, Cyber Salaries Revealed

In this episode of “The Business of Tech,” we discuss cybersecurity incidents and studies revealing concerning trends in the industry. We highlight Cisco’s Duo security incident involving a threat actor accessing MFA SMS logs through a phishing attack on a supplier. Additionally, we cover studies showing the high salaries in cybersecurity, but also the gender and ethnic disparities present. Stay informed and protected in the world of tech.

Tue Apr-16-2024: Amazon’s Three-Layer GenAI Stack, OpenAI’s ChatGPT Updates, EU Broadcom Scrutiny

In this episode of the podcast, we delve into tech news covering Amazon’s GenAI stack, Google’s AI challenges in material science, and Broadcom’s scrutiny in the EU for VMware pricing. Andy Jassy’s emphasis on generative AI as Amazon’s next big focus is also highlighted, outlining the three layers of their AI stack. OpenAI’s release of the updated ChatGPT, GPT-4 Turbo, is discussed.

Mon Apr-15-2024: Strain on Small Businesses and AI Adoption in SMB Market, Microsoft Price Increases

In this episode of the Business of Tech podcast, host Dave Sobel discusses the financial strain on small businesses, insights from the latest U.S. economic reports, and the soaring adoption of AI in small and mid-sized businesses. He highlights key industry updates such as Amazon retiring a checkout technology, Microsoft pushing upgrades, and Google enhancing workspace security. Market conditions are reviewed, including the downturn in the Russell 2000 index and the challenges faced by U.S. small business owners amidst high inflation and hiring difficulties.

Mitigating Risks of AI in Organizations: Insights from Jon Gillham

In this bonus episode of the Business of Tech, John Gillham, founder of Originality.ai, discusses the detection of AI use and its impact on content creation. He shares insights on identifying whether content is human-created or AI-generated, highlighting the importance for companies to understand the origins of their content. Gillum’s inspiration for focusing on the intersection of AI and its physical impact on people stems from his experience running a content marketing company.

The Business of Tech Lounge – Thursday, April 11 2024

On this episode of the Business of Tech Lounge, Dave Sobel covers a range of topics including the impact of remote work on office space, unauthorized use of generative AI by employees, cloud migrations, shadow IT, and recent product launches. Goldman Sachs warns about the challenges faced by office owners due to maturing debts amidst the work-from-home boom. The episode also features insights on NIST 2 and previews an upcoming interview. Special thanks to SalesBuilder for sponsoring the show. Join in for valuable IT sales workflow tips and more tech updates.

Fri Apr-12-2024: Engineer Stops Global Cyber Attack, NIST Tackles Backlog, AI in Brand Spoofing

In this episode of “The Business of Tech,” we dive into the world of cybersecurity. We discuss how a lone Microsoft engineer uncovered a potential global cyber attack through a Linux backdoor discovery, NIST’s efforts to address vulnerability database backlog, and the crucial role of AI in safeguarding small to medium businesses from brand spoofing attacks.