Each day, the flood of technology news hits.  In an industry that always changes, those who deliver technology services need to focus on the information that matters to them.  The Business of Tech podcast focuses on the news you need to know.   Covering both the story and why it matters to the way services are created and delivered, channel veteran Dave Sobel brings you up to speed and gives you resources to go deeper.   With insights and analysis, this five minute podcast focuses on the knowledge you need to be effective, profitable, and relevant.

The podcast is hosted by Dave Sobel, a leading expert in the delivery of technology services with broad experience in both technology and business.    He owned and operated an IT Solution Provider and MSP for over a decade, both acquiring other organizations and eventually being acquired.  This firm was a winner of multiple awards, including Kaseya’s Cutting Edge and ConnectWise’s Best New Idea, as well as being a finalist for Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner of the Year in the Small Business Specialist category.    After his MSP experience, he worked for multiple vendors at such companies as Level Platforms, GFI, LogicNow, and Solarwinds, leading community, event, marketing, and product strategies, as well as several M&A activities.

He was named a CRN Channel Chief multiple times, to the CRN UK A-List, as a Channel Futures Circle of Excellence winner, to Channel Pro’s 20/20 Visionaries, and has been an MSPmentor 250 member for multiple years  Dave has been recognized as one of the top virtualization experts globally as a Microsoft MVP for Virtualization. and author of “Virtualization: Defined.  A Primer for the SMB Consultant.” Dave has served on the executive council for Managed Services and Emerging Technologies, the Vendor Advisory Council, as founding Chair for the Mobility Community for CompTIA.

News and commentary delivered daily from experience.

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Thu Feb-22-2024: Law Enforcement Victory, ConnectWise Security Breach, Google’s Gemini for Workspace

In this episode of the podcast, we cover significant developments in the tech world. The LockBit ransomware group has been dismantled by global law enforcement, ConnectWise responds to a security breach, Google introduces Gemini for Workspace, and Apple announces the PQ3 initiative to combat quantum computing threats.

Wed Feb-21-2024: FTC’s New Rules on AI Impersonation and Deepfakes, Adobe’s AI-Powered Acrobat

On today’s episode of the podcast, we discussed the FTC’s proposed rules to combat AI impersonation and deepfake harms, Adobe’s AI-powered enhancements to Acrobat, and Apple’s challenges with Vision Pro. Additionally, we highlighted CoreView’s M365 management platform for MSPs and the White House’s focus on data privacy and security. Stay informed and visit coreview.com.msp for more details.

Mon Feb-20-2024:AI in Weather, Beauty, and Policing, Air Canada’s AI fine, Partner Programs Galore

Today’s episode of the Business of Tech covers a range of topics, including the impact of artificial intelligence on various industries, a fine imposed on Air Canada for chatbot misinformation, and security updates from ConnectWise.. The use of AI in federal weather forecasting is highlighted as a key development, showcasing how AI can enhance weather prediction models and improve forecasts.

The Importance of Churn and Retention: Lessons from the SaaS Market with Luke Diaz

In this bonus episode of the Business of Tech podcast, host Dave Sobel is joined by Luke Diaz, founder of DBT Ventures, to discuss customer success and SaaS trends. Luke shares his insights on the SaaS market and its focus on churn, highlighting the importance of retaining customers as managed services providers. With his expertise in scaling startups to over $100 million in ARR, Luke provides valuable insights on the dynamic environment of the SaaS industry. Tune in to learn more about customer success and the current market cycle.

The Business of Tech: Why Should You Care?

Explore the strategies, challenges, and successes that define the tech landscape with Dave Sobel on “The Business of Tech” podcast. Gain insights on how managed services providers and IT outsourcing companies stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of technology. Join Dave as he uncovers the impact on businesses, careers, and the industry at large. Dive deeper into the future of technology and discover inspiring stories from tech leaders. Tune in for daily actionable insights and be part of this journey towards innovation and leadership in the tech industry. Follow “The Business of Tech” on your favorite podcast platform to stay informed and inspired.

Fri Feb-16-2024: Google and OpenAI Launch new models, Remote Work Opportunities Shrink, $$ with AI

On this episode of the Business of Tech podcast, we dive into the latest developments in AI from Google and OpenAI, including tools that write code and generate dynamic video content. The discussion also covers the shrinking remote work opportunities as companies increase in-office days. Additionally, cybersecurity is highlighted as crucial, emphasizing the human expertise needed to interpret and respond to complex threats. The episode features insights on historical context, job displacement, and how to capitalize on AI advancements.

Thu Feb-15-2024: TeamLogic IT Partners with NinjaOne, CISA’s 2024 Priorities, ArcServe bails on MSP

On today’s show, we discuss TeamLogic IT partnering with NinjaOne for endpoint management of over 100,000 devices, CISA reveals its 2024 cybersecurity priorities, and ArcServe discontinues cloud services and OneXafe Solo, shaking the MSP market. CoreView supports MSPs with a Microsoft 365 management platform. UK SMEs are increasingly relying on MSPs for cost effectiveness, with 62% of respondents utilizing MSPs. Some SMEs with uniform technology stacks may not need MSPs, but those with diverse resources like MacBooks can benefit from specialized services.

Wed Feb-14-2024: SMB Sentiment Dips, Early Days of Microsoft 365’s AI Co-Pilot, Office Space Trends

In this episode, we discuss three important topics. First, small business sentiment in the US has dipped due to concerns over inflation and labor costs. The National Federation of Independent Business reports the largest decline in sentiment in over a year. Second, we explore the early days of Microsoft 365’s AI co-pilot, discussing both critiques and kudos. Lastly, we highlight tech leaders coming together to tackle deepfake AI threats in elections. Stay tuned to learn more about these pressing issues in the business and tech world.

Tue Feb-13-2024: Microsoft’s AI Success: Closing Gap w/AWS, Gen Z’s Job Anxiety, Cloud Marketplaces

In this episode, we discuss the latest news in the tech industry. We start by highlighting Microsoft’s success with its AI initiatives, including the popularity of its CoPilot AI app. The app has gained significant traction, ranking as the second most popular free app in the Apple App Store and the 12th most downloaded app in the Google Play Store. Additionally, CNBC reports that Microsoft’s Azure cloud is closing the gap on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with the help of its AI growth. Analysts estimate that Azure is now about three quarters the size of AWS, compared to half its size five years ago. We also delve into a study by Indeed, which reveals that Gen Z’s anxiety about AI jobs surpasses that of older generations. Finally, we discuss the importance of cloud marketplaces for IT channel success, based on a report by GTDC. Overall, this episode showcases the impact of AI in the tech industry and highlights Microsoft’s advancements in this field.