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Podcasts for IT consultants and managed service providers in the SMB Community.


Karl W. Palachuk has been an IT Consultant since 1995 and is one of the pioneers of the managed services business model. He is the author of twenty books, most of which are also available as audio books.

He is the founder of the Small Biz Thoughts Community and maintains several blogs, including Small Biz Thoughts and Relax Focus Succeed.

Karl has owned several small businesses, including two very successful Managed Service companies in Sacramento, CA. He received his first Microsoft certification in 1995 and his first MCSE in 1999. He was an active, hands-on Systems Engineer until January of 2017.

Amy Babinchak is the owner of three IT related businesses: Harbor Computer Services, Third Tier, and Sell My MSP. She has been working in the small and medium business IT field for more than 20 years. Amy is a technical person with advanced skills in networking design, management, and implementation. She values technology for what it does for people and the success it brings to business.

Amy is also a Microsoft MVP for 14 years. She has received numerous leadership awards and is a valued member of various boards. She is a member of the executive council of the Managed Services community at CompTia.

James Kernan is the author of the 36 Month Millionaire Program, and recently published books, Leadership Essentials for Successful Executives and Business Tips. For the past 12 years, James has served as a Principal Consultant for Kernan Consulting and provides Coaching, Advising and Mentoring programs to entrepreneurs and leaders.

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Five Minutes with Dave Seibert, YOUR Personal Goals, & What’s New in the News

Amy B has returned from a January in the UK. Brr! That said, we are happy to report that she kept warm and the pubs are a-boomin’… Segment One: Five Minutes with a Smart Guy – Dave Seibert!  It’s said humans can only concentrate for a good 15…

News, Customer Service, and ChatGPT

Amy B. is off to England so it’s up to Karl, Amy L, James, and content creating AI to get us through the day…   Segment One: Customer Service gone Awry – Noma, Rated the World’s Best Restaurant, Is Closing Its Doors Segment Two: The…

SMB Community Podcast – Peer Groups, Interactive Videos, and What’s on Our Radar

Through rolling blackouts and timezones, our team prevail for another special all-hosts episode of the Small Biz Community Podcast.  Before we get into it, we would like to ask our listeners, how wild is too wild New Orleans? Hosts Amy L has your…

We are rebooted for 2023!

New music, new intro, new everything. We reboot the entire podcast format, and welcome new host Amy Luby. Our Hosts are:  Amy Babinchak – James Kernan -…

Mathieu Manaigre – Simplified Sales Process

Happy New Years! For our last episode of 2022, Host James chats with Mathieu Manaigre. Published author and a mastermind of overlapping calendars, Mathieu is backed by a team of amazing experts allowing him to do all the fun work involved in building…

Yvette Steel – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Host Karl catches up with Yvette Steele. Yvette Steele is a global diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) leader building inclusive and equitable workplaces one employee at a time. Her belief that “inclusion is everybody’s job that anybody can…

The Five Employee Rules You Can’t Forget – No matter what

Karl Palachuk has a major announcement . . . followed by a discussion of The Five Employee Rules You Can’t Forget – No matter how difficult the job market is right now. Karl has been procuding materials for IT consultants who are tackling the…

Righter Kunkel – Cyberfit Summit 2022

Host Karl sits with Acronis’s Righter Kunkel at the Cyberfit Summit 2022!  Righter is a seasoned leader with responsibilities for strategy, design, implementation, and execution of corporate customer success vision anchored with financial growth….

Michael Callahan – Cyberfit Summit 2022

Host Karl sits with Acronis’s Michael Callahan at Cyberfit Summit! Michael is a security marketing executive with the rare combination of branding, product and technical expertise. Proven track record in both large and startup companies developing and…