Episode 190: Stripe Layoffs, Twitter Melt down, & the Crypto Meltdown

Topic 1: Lessons from the Stripe Layoffs – for tech ITs, vendors, and everyone.

Stripe layed off 14% of their workforce, and were very open about the reasons. We all make mistakes in periods of rapid growth and rapid decline. This stuff is hard!




Topic 2: Twitter Melting Down

Twitter has typically reviewed its products for privacy problems before rolling them out to users, to avoid additional fines from the F.T.C. and remain in compliance with the settlement. But because of a rapid pace of product development under Mr. Musk, engineers could be forced to “self-certify” so that their projects meet privacy requirements…


Topic 3: The Crypto Meltdown. Gaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!! (If you are an FTX investor)




Crypto for MSPs: https://youtu.be/C6hXJC0_r3o

This week the proverbial $h!t hit the literal fan and the crypto market is in full-on chaos and panic mode. What? Why? How? Where do we go from here?


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