Bigger Brains Introduces Computer College – Great Addition to Managed Service Offerings

This week Chip Reaves from Bigger Brains announced a great new offering for managed service providers. I talked to him about Bigger Brains and the new offering – Computer College.

Chip is the founder of Computer Troubleshooters in the U.S. (It was originally an Australian company.) Computer Troubleshooters grew to 480 locations in 33 countries. After selling off his interest in that franchise, Chip still owns a Computer Troubleshooters business in South Carolina.

Bigger Brains was created to provide e-learning systems to Chip’s clients. Training is a natural addition to what we do for a living. In fact, many of us offer some kind of O.S. or software training in our managed services offerings already.

Bigger Brains now has two levels of offerings.

First, the “Bigger Brains” brand is a training service that you can resell. It has lots of courses and sells for about $17 per user per month. That’s end user pricing. You can make a very healthy profit on that (details in the audio).

Cources include Excel, Word, PowerPoint, online marketing, sales, productivity, and many more. Right now there are fourteen courses but more are in production. This service can be billed to the MSP or to the end user, depending on what you want.

For more information, visit – There’s a Reseller link at the bottom. Second, Chip has just announced Computer College – a new service that is a lower cost version of Bigger Brains – specifically designed for MSPs to include in packages.

Computer College includes Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and QuickBooks.

Your cost is only $30 per client per year. That’s not per user: $30 for the entire company! You can resell individually or include in your managed service packages.

The new service is billed 100% through the channel. Only available to MSPs. Bigger Brains (Computer College) bills you and you then bill the client or simply include in your offerings.

The client-facing portal is at Notice that there is no reseller information there.

Reseller info is at

Best way to get started: Sign up at and sign up as a reseller. That will start your interaction with Chip. – Download the Interview with Chip Reaves of Bigger Brains here.


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