What Is Your Favorite Password Tool?

1.) MSP Question of The Week          What is your favorite password tool?

2.) Five Minutes with a Smart Person – Lori Hardke 

Host Karl discuss “PROFIT FIRST” with our guest Lori Hardtke.

Check out Lori’s next class: https://www.itspu.com/all-classes/classes/profit-first-for-msps/

More on Lori: https://www.profitfirst4msps.com/

3.) Notes on the News 

This week we have a lot to catch up on:

What do you think about the new dress code for Congress?

The power usage of AI is equivalent to 33,000 households! 

Microsoft Copilot was all the talk at The Experts Conference. 

What was the hallway talk at the Millionaire Mastermind?

Graphics from Jay McBain

Amy speaking at ITO Compass October 13-14 in Chicago:  https://itocompass.com/

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