The Best Commission Plan for Salespeople

Today the SMBCP is whole again: Karl is back!      1.) MSP Question of The Week   What is the best commission plan for salespeople?    —   2.) What’s New in the News    OPEN AI – blew up!   And ransomware attacks are on the RISE!    Ransomware attacks have surged in recent years; this has led to significant financial losses, data breaches and operational disruptions across various sectors. As of 2023, over 72% of organizations worldwide were affected by ransomware attacks, according to Statista.   That raises a question as to how malicious actors are able to successfully carry out these attacks on the majority of organizations. And one industry that is struggling to handle ransomware attacks is…healthcare.   In fact, Sophos revealed in its “The State of Ransomware in Healthcare 2023”  report that cybercriminals successfully encrypted data in nearly 75% of ransomware attacks. This is the highest rate of encryption in the past three years and a significant increase from the 61% of healthcare organizations that reported having their data encrypted last year.     —  

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