Jonathan Seelig – Going beyond the public cloud with managed services on your own infrastructure

Host Karl chats with Jonathan Seelig.

Jonathan Seelig is the Executive Chairman and Chief Evangelist of Ridge. He co-founded Ridge with the goal of building highly distributed cloud infrastructure, thereby enabling users to deploy cloud native applications on any infrastructure and in any location. He previously co-founded Akamai, the world’s first and largest CDN. Jonathan has worked on distributed, low latency, high performance infrastructure for over 25 years. Description:

With the rapidly increasing pace of digital transformation, many managed service providers (MSPs) and cloud service providers are at a crossroads: they need to decide how to best continue to support their customers as they continue to migrate to the cloud. 

While the hyperscale public cloud model is an attractive proposition for some customers, there are many existing and planned use cases and business models for which local data centers and MSPs can be a better fit. These businesses’ cloud computing environments may be a blend of server types: on-premises, bare-metal, co-located, and distributed across multiple continents. No single cloud architecture with preset locations can offer them a consistently optimized level of application performance and deployment flexibility. Companies need a cloud provider that can customize a cloud for evolving business needs.

Local cloud service providers and MSPs should therefore consider how they convert digital transformation into a home-field advantage. By integrating modern cloud-native services into their offering, in addition to their traditional services, they will offer a robust alternative to the large public cloud and will be in an excellent position to fulfill evolving customer needs. 

Today, Joanthan discusses some of the key benefits for managed service providers with existing cloud offerings to add modern cloud-native services to their existing portfolio, including:

  • Monetize existing infrastructure
  • Add new revenue streams
  • Win business that will otherwise default to the public clouds
  • Become the go-to service providers for emerging location dependent applications
  • Ensure long-term customer retention

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