Industry Stats…Good and Ugly (No Bad)

Segment One: What’s New in the News and Parrots on Zoom

“Stats” from Syncro MSP:

603 respondents – Very unrepresentative of the MSP community. 

And also, parrots talking to each other on Zoom!

Segment Two: 15 Minutes with a Smart Person(s) Justin and Matt of the Partner Masters 

The Partner Masters:

Matt Soseman 

Matt is a unique and experienced IT professional who has led digital transformation projects that have fundamentally changed the way a organization does business. Matt is motivated by the results in new business outcomes and new business scenarios that increase an organizations revenue and drives their bottom line – but more important, changes the world for the better.

Justin Slagle 

After spending 10.5 years working at Microsoft in the Partner organization, it was easy to see that too many partners were being left behind. Justin and team founded The Partner Masters to help empower ALL Microsoft partners to achieve more with a specific focus on building a profitable practice. Their team has over 40 years of combined experience working at Microsoft across sales, marketing, operations and engineering. The Partner Masters look forward to empowering you to build your Microsoft practice!

Segment Three: More on Artificial Intelligience 

AI has exposed the search engines are not working out for people and that we’re good at faking technology. 


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