Fire Clients – or Prune Your Client Garden – with Erick Simpson

Fire Clients – or Prune Your Client Garden – with Erick Simpson and Karl Palachuk

Recently, our friend Erick Simpson blogged that “end of year” is a great time to fire some clients. He and Karl are pretty much in agreement on that, but look at it from different perspectives. 

Erick was on the ChannelPro Network podcast and talked about this approach. So, Karl wrote a blog post about the same topic from a different perspective.

In this interview, Karl interviews Erick about why you might want to get rid of some clients and how it can actually result in making more profit AND making your staff a lot happier.

Background articles: – Erick’s blog:

– ChannelPro podcast: (ChannelPro Weekly podcast #245).

– Karl’s Blog:

Erick is, of course, the author of some of the best selling books on Managed Services, and is a great coach, trainer, and mentor for many in the community. You can catch up with him at

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