ERP108 – Defending Against Burnout

Welcome back to the Evolved Radio Podcast. Today’s episode features Dr. Heather Denniston, a former chiropractor turned wellness specialist who’s here to share her insights into maintaining energy and focus during our workday—especially for those of us in the high-stress technology sector.

We dive into practical strategies for overcoming the infamous afternoon slump, as Heather recommends simple recharging techniques you can use. We also navigate the crucial role of setting clear boundaries to conserve energy and touch upon a client’s innovative approach of using out-of-office emails to signal availability.

Heather’s transition to wellness was fueled by her personal health journey, embodying the narratives that often inspire those in the health and wellness space. Together, we discuss combating decision fatigue, the pitfalls of a hyper-distracted world, and how retraining our focus through methods like the Pomodoro technique can significantly cut through the noise.

Moreover, we examine the steep rise in workplace distractions and burnout in the post-pandemic era, as indicated by reports from giants like Microsoft and Deloitte. From the importance of restorative breaks to the impact of office food culture on our well-being, we leave no stone unturned in exploring how small lifestyle tweaks can make a mammoth difference in our productivity and health.

Stay with us as we uncover the myths of multitasking, the all-too-common issue of decision fatigue, and why leaders must play a pivotal role in fostering a communication culture that respects personal time and mental wellness.

So, if you’re seeking ways to build resilience, improve focus, and adopt a sustainable work-life balance, join us on this enlightening journey with Heather. Let’s get Evolved.

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