Wed Feb-21-2024: FTC’s New Rules on AI Impersonation and Deepfakes, Adobe’s AI-Powered Acrobat

On today’s episode of the podcast, we discussed the FTC’s proposed rules to combat AI impersonation and deepfake harms, Adobe’s AI-powered enhancements to Acrobat, and Apple’s challenges with Vision Pro. Additionally, we highlighted CoreView’s M365 management platform for MSPs and the White House’s focus on data privacy and security. Stay informed and visit for more details.

Three things to know today


00:00 FTC Proposes New Rules to Tackle AI Impersonation and Protect Consumers from Deepfake Harms

04:58 Adobe Expands Acrobat’s Functionality with AI-Powered Summarization, Link Generation, and More

07:19 Apple’s Vision Pro Faces Early Hurdles: User Discomfort and App Monetization Issues



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