Tue Mar-26-2024: IT Leaders Regret AI Investments, CISA Budget Cuts, & Microsoft’s New Era of Work

On today’s episode, we discuss IT leaders’ regrets over quick AI investments, CISA’s budget cuts amid cyber threats, and Microsoft’s new work era with NPUs. It’s World Backup Day soon, prompting MSPs to engage customers on data protection. The challenges of hasty AI adoption are explored, along with the rise of chatbots using large language models. Stay informed with the latest tech insights and opportunities.

Three things to know today


00:00 One-Quarter of IT Leaders Regret Hasty AI Investments, Asana Survey Reveals

03:35 CISA Faces Budget Cut Amid Growing Cyber Threats and Political Backlash

05:48 Microsoft’s ‘New Era of Work’: Surface Devices with NPUs to Accelerate Copilot Adoption



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