Tue Dec-5-2023: Dell’s AI Server Dilemma, Economist Declares Return to Office Dead, Amazon’s Q Woes

In this episode, we discuss three key topics. Firstly, we explore the rising demand for AI servers and the challenges faced by Dell due to supply chain constraints. Despite a surge in demand, Dell is experiencing a 39-week lead time in delivering their PowerEdge XE9680 servers. Secondly, we delve into Dell’s financial performance, with a 10% decrease in Q3 revenue compared to the previous year, but a significant 317% increase in net income. Lastly, we touch on the topic of remote work and how it has triumphed, with an economist declaring the return to the office campaign dead. Additionally, we highlight concerns surrounding Amazon’s Q chatbot, as reports of hallucinations and data links emerge. Stay tuned for more insights on the business of tech.

Three things to know today

00:00 Rising Demand, Supply Chain Challenges: Dell’s AI Server Dilemma

04:20 Remote Work Triumphs: Economist Declares ‘Return to Office’ Campaign Dead

08:54 Amazon’s Q Chatbot Raises Concerns: Hallucinations and Data Leaks Reported

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