Thu Nov-9-2023: ConnectWise IT Nation News, Comet, Acronis & SaaS Alerts, AI Biz Model Disruption

In this episode, Dave Sobel brings us three important tech news updates. He starts off by discussing ConnectWise’s IT Nation announcements, including the shift from Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) to Unified Monitoring and Management (UMM). ConnectWise UMM aims to provide a more comprehensive solution for backup monitoring and service-level management. Dave also mentions the enhancements made to ConnectWise’s Business Management Solutions (BMS) based on partner feedback.

Next, he highlights Comet Backup’s partnership with Wasabi, Acronis’ launch of MSP Academy and SaaS Alerts, which offers real-time mobile security. He also touches on the topic of self-perception and how AI disruptions are impacting business models.

Three things to know today

00:00 ConnectWise’s IT Nation Announcements: Sidekick, UMM, and more

04:02 Comet Backup Partners with Wasabi, Acronis Launches MSP Academy, and SaaS Alerts Goes Mobile for Real-time Security

05:58 Self-Perception, AI Disruptions to Business models, and Leading Like Lasso


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