Thu Nov-30-2023: Cloud Computing: Complex Workloads and New Customer Demand, Debunking AI Job Fears

In this episode, Dave Sobel discusses four important updates in the world of technology. First, he explores the next wave of cloud computing and the increasing demand for migrating complex workloads. He then delves into the new SEC cyber incident rules, highlighting how they provide a boost for MSPs and aid in client compliance. Next, he shares insights from an ECB research report that debunks fears of AI job cuts, suggesting that high-skilled employment may actually rise. Lastly, he addresses the controversy surrounding a tech conference’s fake diversity efforts, emphasizing the importance of ethical principles. Additionally, Dave discusses the latest Canalys report, which reveals that global spending on cloud infrastructure services has reached $73.5 billion, with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud leading the market.

Four things to know today

00:00 Next Wave of Cloud Computing: Migration of Complex Workloads and New Customer Demand

04:42 New SEC Cyber Incident Rules: A Boost for MSPs in Client Compliance Assistance

08:28 An ECB Research Report Debunks AI Job Cut Fears: High-Skilled Employment May Rise by up to 4.3%

10:57 Tech Conference Faces Outrage Over Fake Diversity Efforts: A Lesson in Ethical Practices

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