T-Mobile & Verizon Employees Targeted, U.S. AI Safety Institute Bolsters Leadership Amid Controversy

Criminals are now targeting T-Mobile and Verizon employees with text messages offering bribes for performing SIM swaps. These messages claim to obtain contact information from employee directories, showcasing how attackers are leveraging social engineering tactics to gain unauthorized access, commit identity theft, and potentially lead to financial lawsuits. Despite T-Mobile denying a breach, the FBI has warned about the increasing prevalence of SIM swap attacks and introduced new rules to protect consumers. 

The U.S. AI Safety Institute has recently added five new members to its leadership team, including experts from OpenAI and Stanford University. One of the appointees, Paul Cristiano, a former OpenAI researcher known for his work on AI safety and predictions of potential AI doom, has been appointed as the head of AI safety at the US AI Safety Institute. This move has sparked controversy within the Institute, with some staff members expressing concerns about compromising objectivity and integrity.

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00:00 T-Mobile and Verizon Employees Targeted in Bribery Schemes for SIM Swaps

03:48 D&H Distributing Boosts Credit for 600+ SMB Channel Partners to Fuel Growth

06:30 U.S. AI Safety Institute Bolsters Leadership with Top Experts from OpenAI and Stanford, But Not Without Controversy


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