Mon Mar-25-2024: Accenture Slashes Revenue Forecast, SolarWinds Sets Precedent, and Arrow Electronics Introduces AI Enhancements

In this episode of “The Business of Tech” podcast, host Dave Sobel covers the latest tech news, including Accenture slashing their revenue forecast, SolarWinds supporting U.S. cybersecurity efforts, and Arrow Electronics introducing AI-driven enhancements for cloud business management. The weekly market review discusses the performance of the Russell 2000 and S&P 600 indices. Accenture’s revenue forecast cut is attributed to a slowdown in consulting demand, reflecting a broader trend in the industry.

Three things to know today

00:00 Accenture Slashes 2024 Revenue Forecasts as Consulting Demand Wanes

04:13 SolarWinds Sets Precedent for Software Providers in Support of U.S. Cybersecurity Efforts

06:58 Arrow Electronics Introduces ArrowSphere Assistant: AI-Driven Enhancements for Cloud Business Management


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