Microsoft Offers $1 Security Updates for Schools and Alt Store PAL Launches in the EU

Microsoft’s initiative to offer $1 security updates for schools to address Windows 10 e-waste concerns is a significant move in the tech industry. With approximately 40% of PCs currently in use unable to upgrade to Windows 11, the Extended Security Updates program allows educational institutions to extend support for three years at a minimal cost. This not only benefits schools by ensuring their systems remain secure but also addresses the environmental impact of e-waste generated when millions of computers become ineligible for updates.

AltStore PAL has made a significant impact as the first alternative app store for iPhone in the EU. This launch provides users with more options and flexibility when it comes to accessing and downloading apps on their iPhones. AltStore PAL offers two initial apps, Delta (a Nintendo emulator) and Clip (a paid clipboard manager), with plans to add more third-party apps in the future. Users in the EU now have the option to subscribe to AltStore PAL for €1.50 a year to access these apps and potentially more in the future.

Three things to know today

00:00 Microsoft Offers $1 Security Updates for Schools, Addressing Windows 10 E-Waste Concerns

02:32 AltStore PAL Launches as the First Alternative App Store for iPhone in the EU

04:15 Rethinking the Term ‘User’: Advocating for More Precise Language in Tech Interactions


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