Lounge: Feb 21 2024: Negligence in Cybersecurity, Generative AI: Insights from Canalys Chief Analyst, and Vendor Program Changes

In this episode of the Business of Tech Lounge with Dave Sobel, the format is more interactive, allowing live viewers to ask questions and engage with guests. The discussion delves into the differences between MSPs and MSSPs, highlighting a case involving Accenture providing IT support services to Starwood and Marriott. 

Jay McBain from Canalys discusses the opportunities and challenges in the AI space for solution providers. He highlighted the growth potential of generative AI and the need for partners to focus on security skills and practices. Jay emphasized the importance of understanding the size of the customer base and how it correlates with the adoption of AI technologies.

Dave Sobel discusses the impact of vendors like Broadcom and ArcServe making significant changes to their channel programs. Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware has led to smaller partners being left stranded, as the company focuses on its top 2,000 customers and cuts off smaller partners. This move has created turmoil in the channel, with rival vendors stepping in to rescue VMware partners and offer alternative solutions.  Ryan Morris provides insight on why vendors make these moves, and how solution providers can adjust.   

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