Fri Dec-1-2023: Amazon Web Services Re:invent for MSPs, Accenture Goes Passwordless, Make MSPs into LSIs

In this episode, Dave Sobel discusses the top announcements from Amazon Web Services (AWS) reInvent for MSPs. One highlight is the repurposing of the Fire TV Cube into a desktop productivity device called the Amazon WorkSpaces Thin Client. Priced at $195, this device offers a low-cost solution for virtual desktop services, utilizing cloud-based storage and processing. Feedback from beta testers has been positive, and it is being marketed to industries such as healthcare, financial services, and contact centers. Additionally, Accenture’s move to go passwordless with biometrics and PINs replacing logins for 600,000 employees is highlighted. Lastly, the strategy of turning MSPs into LSIs (Local Service Integrators) is discussed as a solution to tackle shadow IT and cloud sprawl.

Three things to know today

00:00 The top AWS re:invent announcements for MSPs

06:22 Accenture Goes Passwordless: Biometrics and PINs Replace Traditional Logins for 600,000 Employees

09:16 Turning MSPs into LSIs: A Strategy to Tackle Shadow IT and Cloud Sprawl

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