ERP106 – AI for MSPs

Welcome back to Evolved Radio Podcast, today we are diving into the groundbreaking revolutionary world of the AI. My guest today is, Jimmy Hatzell, a man who’s not just fascinated by the capabilities of AI but also turned that fascination into a MSP focused AI startup. Together, we’re going to explore the ins and outs of AI in the world of Managed Service Providers.

Jimmy and I reflect on how far the ecosystem has advanced in such a short period. We nerd out abit on the underlying technology behind generative AI, and how it’s prompting millions of users and companies to latch onto the LLM bandwagon.

Jimmy takes us through his personal journey with AI – from a eureka moment with his father-in-law to starting his own company, focusing on how small businesses can maximize their use of AI. 

We’ll look at the breathtaking pace of technological evolution versus the sluggish crawl of regulation and guess what the future holds. 

Will MSPs manage LLM infrastructure? Will we see a return to on-premises solutions? Stick around for predictions and our deep dive into these predictive waters.

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