ERP105 – Scale Your MSP

Joining us today is Michael Nelson, the co-founder of Scaled and owner of TLC Tech, an MSP in California. Michael’s journey began with skepticism towards remote work, but through revolutionary changes and an open mind, he’s since embraced a mainly remote workforce, reaping benefits in productivity, profitability, and employee happiness.

In this episode, we’ll uncover the transformative impact of remote work for MSPs, the integration of overseas talent into local company cultures, and how these remote powerhouses can reinvigorate your organization. We’ll also discuss the distinctions between staff augmentation and outsourcing, the importance of intentional onboarding, and the necessity of regular communication to engage and retain top remote talent.

Michael will share his personal insights on how remote staffing has reshaped his company and practical tips for maintaining company culture in a remote work environment. We’ll be exploring the creation of a remote employee engagement plan and the benefits of thorough documentation.

Additionally, we’ll touch on the cultural nuances of managing a diverse workforce and tackle the more subtle aspects of cross-cultural management.

So plug in, adjust your volume, and get ready for an enlightening conversation that might just change the way you view staffing in your MSP. Let’s tune in.

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