ERP100 – Linchpin: The importance of the service manager role

When I started the Evolved Radio podcast years ago, I intentionally made the episode format three digits. “001” I knew this was something I wasn’t going to give up on after six episodes, which is the average number of episodes that new podcasts do before being abandoned.

The podcast has evolved. I’ve focused more heavily on my target market of MSPs and IT service providers, but I still like to throw in some random nerdy stuff like fusion, drones, genetic engineering, and more. To celebrate a real milestone for me as I hit episode 100. I’m again evolving the podcast. This episode is a video podcast! I hope to add video to most future episodes as well. If you’d like to watch the video version, check it out on my YouTube channel here.

This one is a collaboration with Kyle Christensen from K7 Leadership. We are talking about why the service manager plays such a crucial role in every MSP, how to be successful as a service manager, and what owners need to know about making their service manager successful.

This was a really fun episode to jam on with Kyle. With occasional rants and fun observations from our time in the industry helping MSPs with exactly these kinds of issues.

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