Episode 7 – Do You Become Dumber When You Work for a Vendor?

Ryan is wandering off with a client this week (or feeling sick or some such nonsense), so Dave and Karl conspired to riff on the IT industry without his perspective.

Dave asks the question, “Did I become dumber when I went to work for a vendor?” Sometimes IT service providers assume that anyone who works for a vendor just doesn’t understand the industry. (Hint: We think that’s not true.)

. . . Next topic . . . How much of the market has been penetrated? Sometimes we’re amazed at how many people are not “inside” the “connected” SMB IT community. How do we determine the size of the IT Universe? Does it include Home Theater, cameras, secure door locks, IoT, signage, consumer electronics, etc.?

[Insert long discussion about how you define who’s in the IT business, who’s not, and who decides.]

Eventually we get around to why we care. We care because we need to justify our investment in this space. If you don’t know the universe, you can’t measure your penetration.

Once again we loop back to the beginning.

Karl ends with a rant on money and traveling. Dave offers an obvious tip Karl should have learned 100,000 miles ago.

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