Episode 198: the Generative AI Race, Last Pass Security Incident, and Intelligent Elevators

Topic 1: Generative AI is Fun … Until the “Other” Guys Start Doing It Too


China is aggressively building their own versions of generative AI platforms (with some obvious / inevitable filters) that do essentially the same thing as ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion. The question is whether they will be able to out-race us to the auto-content future … and whether that is a problem.

Topic 2: LastPass – Lessons for the Channel

Should we be worried? What do we expect from vendors? What’s reasonable and realistic?


Is this worth discussing as a larger topic of always-on monitoring and reporting?

Topic 3: Fast Forward Into the Future: Intelligent Elevators are Coming Soon


Everyone who has ever been in an elevator knows what is good and what is bad about the experience. But changes in behavior and city culture brought on by the pandemic are accelerating the evolution of the elevator experience: facial recognition to automatically take you to your floor, provide personalized advertising / entertainment, and even provide solo rides for VIPs. The smart city concept will eventually affect everything … are we ready for elevators that know who we are?

See also: Faster: The Acceleration of Just About Everything Paperback – January 1, 2000 by James Gleick  (Author)



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