Episode 196: Scammers Scamming the Scam, “Luddite” Teens, and the Drones are Here

Topic 1: Meta scamming: Scammers Are Scamming Other Scammers Out of Millions of Dollars


On cybercrime forums, user complaints about being duped may accidentally expose their real identities.

Topic 2: Teens are Self-Liberating from Social Media

‘Luddite’ Teens Don’t Want Your Likes


Topic 3: The Drones Are Coming (to 22 Select Locations Around the Country … Within Driving Distance of a Wal-Mart)


Wal-mart announces legitimate progress on rolling out drone delivery to customers in key metropolitan areas. The forecast is to expand to 34 stores in 23 cities by year end to reach a capacity of 1M drone deliveries. And … Utah is on the list of the next markets to launch. Could a burrito delivery be in the near future?

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