Episode 189: U.S. drop in productivity, Cloud Computing to grow, US Banks spend $1 Bill on Ransomware

Topic 1: U.S. workers have gotten way less productive. 


No one is sure why. So we get to make up reasons! 

Can this be attributed to the Quiet Quitting Phenomon? Maybe. But maybe not. (Again, we get to come up with our own theories today.)

Perhaps, complexity is the enemy of productivity; thus, remote working might not give our brains enough buffering time between each tasks than say walking from the meeting hall to your cubicle would.

Also, as we settle into a sort of kind not really post-pandemic world, we can surmise that the line between our work lives and home lives has become less muddled. And maybe, just maybe, this means we aren’t being less productive, rather we are setting healthy work to home boundaries at the expense of a project deadline…Again, just speculating.   

Topic 2: Spending for Cloud Computing in 2023 is Forecast to Grow … a Lot!


In a slight surprise, and a noticeable change of tone, Gartner forecasts that spending on cloud computing – across all 6 categories they include in the segment – will rise in 2023. Just because spending is down in some categories doesn’t mean it will be down in all categories. SaaS / PaaS / IaaS / DaaS / CMaaS / BPaaS. So many awkward acronyms!

Topic 3: US Banks spent over $1 Billion on Ransomware in 2021

…that they reported!


Time to head into the cloud of uncertainty! 

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