DevOps: Are typical MSP service offerings really any different to an “app”?

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I’ve long held a view that MSPs need to be more agile in their methodology and adopt a slightly unique variation of DevOps culture to be competitive in delivering their services. It seems to be a common problem when enterprise ITSM platforms are applied to MSPS resulting in team isolation which is the antithesis of DevOps culture. Traditional DevOps is about developing and deploying apps. Are typical MSP service offerings really any different to an “app”? They have a lifecycle; the market demands new features before we are finished rolling out last batch. How we deliver them needs to be constantly seeing efficiencies to remain competitive. I am not sure about your awareness of DevOps methodology specifically, but I think the concept of value stream committees to manage the end-to-end delivery of product outcomes is missing from the top end of our industry. In smaller MSPs, still with startup culture it still exists. Still, the M&A trend we see across the MSP industry has a nasty habit of eliminating this in favor of conformity with a “nobody ever got fired for saying do ITIL” narrative. Interested in your take 🙂


This podcast is my answer.


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