Algorithms in need of MGMT Training, Microsoft drops $1B on ChatGPT, & Apple to Create Their Own Chip

Topic 1: Algorithms Need Management Training, Too!

From Wired Magazine.

Human beings excel at avoiding responsibility for difficult decisions. Management and personnel decisions are often difficult. Therefore, they are great candidates for turning decision-making over to the bots.

What could possibly go wrong? 

Topic 2: Microsoft drops $1 Billion on ChatGPT

I should have bought more Microsoft stock yesterday. 🙂 

Looking to the true “next level” of product development. Microsoft was an early investor in ChatGPT

Topic 3: Apple to drop Broadcom chip and make their own.

Is this just the never-ending story of “control” of supply chain, or is there a strategy for secret development here? (Are there future technologies that are more easily developed in private, when you don’t have to share future features with an outside chip builder?)



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