Each day, the flood of technology news hits.  In an industry that always changes, those who deliver technology services need to focus on the information that matters to them.  The Business of Tech podcast focuses on the news you need to know.   Covering both the story and why it matters to the way services are created and delivered, channel veteran Dave Sobel brings you up to speed and gives you resources to go deeper.   With insights and analysis, this five minute podcast focuses on the knowledge you need to be effective, profitable, and relevant.

The podcast is hosted by Dave Sobel, a leading expert in the delivery of technology services with broad experience in both technology and business.    He owned and operated an IT Solution Provider and MSP for over a decade, both acquiring other organizations and eventually being acquired.  This firm was a winner of multiple awards, including Kaseya’s Cutting Edge and ConnectWise’s Best New Idea, as well as being a finalist for Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner of the Year in the Small Business Specialist category.    After his MSP experience, he worked for multiple vendors at such companies as Level Platforms, GFI, LogicNow, and Solarwinds, leading community, event, marketing, and product strategies, as well as several M&A activities.

He was named a CRN Channel Chief multiple times, to the CRN UK A-List, as a Channel Futures Circle of Excellence winner, to Channel Pro’s 20/20 Visionaries, and has been an MSPmentor 250 member for multiple years  Dave has been recognized as one of the top virtualization experts globally as a Microsoft MVP for Virtualization. and author of “Virtualization: Defined.  A Primer for the SMB Consultant.” Dave has served on the executive council for Managed Services and Emerging Technologies, the Vendor Advisory Council, as founding Chair for the Mobility Community for CompTIA.

News and commentary delivered daily from experience.

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Tues Jan 28 2020: AI beats humans to the flu, a lawsuit with lessons, and restaurants that don’t deliver.. or do they?

Today   AI beats humans in a very helpful way A lawsuit with key lessons for technology providers   AND Lessons about delivery from restaurants that don’t deliver

Mon Jan 27 2020: SOC effectiveness, moderator PTSD, and esports changing

Today New Data on SOC effectiveness Content Moderators asked to sign acknowledgments of PTSD AND Activision leaves Twitch for YouTube

Bonus: How Security Researchers report Vulnerabilities

Fri Jan 24 2020: The IRS vs Big Tech, and a zero-day vulnerability for Solarwinds MSP

Today  Investigations of tech companies and taxes AND Another major security flaw in the service provider tech stack  

Thurs Jan 23 2020: JEDI Battle Update, Privacy Controls, and two approaches to breaches: Cisco & Connectwise

Today Amazon’s next move in the battle over JEDI   https://www.cnbc.com/2020/01/23/amazon-asks-for-pause-on-microsoft-jedi-cloud-contract.html Privacy controls appear to be making a difference …

Wed Jan 22 2020: Apple changes on encryption, and Bezos hacked

Today   Apple was considering encrypted backups, and backed off…  https://www.reuters.com/article/us-apple-fbi-icloud-exclusive/exclusive-apple-dropped-plan-for-encrypting-backups-after-fbi-complained-sources-idUSKBN1ZK1CT AND …

Tues Jan 21 2020: All the news around AI regulation, and new GDPR data

Today   A roundup of Google, IBM, Microsoft and the EU talking AI AND GDPR data is out – how much were the fines?

Mon Jan 20 2020: Digital privacy concerns around AI, cameras, and twitter

Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day for those in the US.    With that in mind, here’s a digital rights and privacy themed episode…  An expose on AI, a PSA on a new phishing attack, and lessons from the Astros cheating…

Fri Jan 17 2020: Baltimore wants to regulate ransomware & Apple’s new AR move

Today   Baltimore wants to pass a new law regulating ransomware – the why matters.   AND Apple’s purchase tells us about their AR strategy