Tue Nov-28-2023: Malware-Free Cyberattacks, FTC’s AI Oversight, and AT&T’s MSSP Spinoff

In this episode, we cover three important news stories. First, a Huntress report reveals that over half of SME cyberattacks in Q3 were malware-free, with adversaries using scripting frameworks and legitimate tools instead. Next, the US FTC is enhancing oversight on AI use to target fraud and deception. Lastly, AT&T announced a spinoff of its cybersecurity business to form a new MSSP entity. Tune in for all the details on the Business of Tech.

Three things to know today

00:00 Over Half of SME Cyber Attacks in Q3 Were ‘Malware-Free,’ Reveals Huntress Report

04:12 U.S. FTC Enhances Oversight on AI Use, Targeting Fraud and Deception

06:40 AT&T Announces Spin-off of Cybersecurity Business to Form New MSSP Entity

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