The Return of Live Shows, chatGPT and the Green Comet, & Our Podcast is #1

The answer is yes–It is another chatGPT episode…

Segment One: Rob Rae joins Pax8 and the return of MSP Shows

We discuss going public versus an MSP being bought out by an investment firm. Sometimes, it means sales and numbers because priortiy #1 making it harder to for technology and customer service to thrive.

Shows are slowly but surely phasing out of the online events back into the lovely air conditioned venues across the states.

But that does not mean it feels the same pre pandemic.

Segment Two: chatGPT & the Green Comet 

Well it happened. chatGPT offers a $20 a month subscription and BuzzFeed announces that it’s use the chatbot to generate content. Confirming too all that BuzzFeed is not a real news service. Or is this just the future? (1) LinkedIn 

Also, comet is green. Green is comet. Which chemical is burning?

Segment Three: We are Numero Uno!

We are the number one Managed Service Podcast . . . according to 

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