SMB Nation – Back to The Future with Claudia Wells

The theme of this year’s SMB Nation is “Back to the Future.” Basically, it’s wrapped around all the cool new things we have . . . and understanding them in light of the fact that SBS Server end of life is upon us.

So Harry Brelsford and Chris Bangs over at SMB Nation got ahold of the guy who owns the DeLorean from the movie (Mark Shields). Yes: This guy still drives this car. Then they got ahold of Claudia Wells, who played Marty’s girlfriend Jennifer in the original movie.

Claudia attended the first get together on the night of the Preday events. Turns out she’s a very nice, normal business owner with a great sense of humor. She owns a high end clothing story in Studio City, CA. She’s also got some new movies in the works.

I caught up with her while taking shelter from the lightning storm. She agreed to a podcast.

Download the Podcast Here

Claudia’s store can be found at – High end clothing at discount prices.

In addition she has a personal page at There you can see what she’s up to and even order personally autographed pictures . . . or a copy of the “Save the Clock Tower” flyer.

Just a little extra fun along with the work and educational sessions.

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