PAX8 Beyond, AI Platform Updates, Security Programs, Broadcom Revenue Surge, VMware License Changes

In the podcast episode, host Dave Sobel covers key highlights from the PAX 8 BEYOND conference. The conference showcased Pax8’s achievements, including surpassing $2 billion in annual recurring revenue and unveiling updates to their platform. Pax8 is focusing on leveraging AI to empower partners in tapping into the global economy, with new features like Opportunity Explorer and Storefronts being introduced to enhance the partner experience.

The episode delves into various tech updates, such as Synchro’s AI ticketing solution for MSPs, Acronis XDR security platform, and Bitdefender’s Ultimate Small Business Security suite. These innovations aim to streamline operations, enhance cybersecurity, and provide comprehensive protection for small businesses. Additionally, Compliance Scorecard and CloudRadial Portal 365 introduce advanced tools to improve compliance management and client experience, respectively.

Broadcom’s revenue forecast increase and VMware Cloud on AWS license changes are also discussed. Broadcom’s strategic moves, including a stock split and altered VMware licenses, reflect the company’s focus on advanced networking chips and cloud services


Three things to know today:


00:00 Pax8 Beyond Conference Highlights: $2 Billion Revenue Milestone, AI-Driven Platform Updates, and New Security Program

03:41 Syncro’s AI Ticketing, Acronis XDR, Bitdefender’s Small Business Security, Compliance Scorecard Updates, CloudRadial’s Portal, and Microsoft’s GPT Builder Retirement

07:41 Broadcom Increases 2024 Revenue Forecast, Announces Stock Split, and Changes VMware Cloud on AWS Licenses




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