News, Customer Service, and ChatGPT

Amy B. is off to England so it’s up to Karl, Amy L, James, and content creating AI to get us through the day…


Segment One: Customer Service gone Awry – Noma, Rated the World’s Best Restaurant, Is Closing Its Doors

Segment Two: The Economy and CMIT Aquired!

James, our in-house sales specialist, shares the forecast for Q1 and Q2. 

Followed by some great news with Amy L. Speaking of Amy, what is Amy B up to and where has she gone?

Segment Three: AI – chatGPT,generated%20by%20a%20computer%20program

Karl tests out the chatGPT waters:

“Karl: regarding the book great by choice, what are the top lessons about culture

chatGPT: The book “Great by Choice” by Jim Collins and Morten T. Hansen explores the factors that contribute to success in business. According to the authors, one of the key lessons about culture is the importance of creating a culture of discipline. This means having a clear set of values and principles that guide decision-making, and a consistent approach to achieving goals. Additionally, the book emphasizes the need for a culture of productive paranoia, where leaders are constantly aware of potential threats and take proactive measures to mitigate them. Another important aspect of culture highlighted in the book is the need for a culture of innovation, where experimentation and risk-taking are encouraged and rewarded.

Karl: give me that as a folk song


Verse 1: Discipline is what we need To guide us on our journey With values and principles We’ll make the right decisions

Chorus: Great by choice, we’ll be With a culture that’s disciplined We’ll succeed, you’ll see With a clear path and vision

Verse 2: Productive paranoia’s key To stay ahead of the game We’ll be aware and take action To keep us from going insane

Chorus: Great by choice, we’ll be With a culture that’s paranoid We’ll succeed, you’ll see With a plan and strategy deployed

Verse 3: Innovation is what we’ll bring To keep us on top We’ll experiment and take risks And never, ever stop

Chorus: Great by choice, we’ll be With a culture of innovation We’ll succeed, you’ll see With new ideas and invention

Outro: With discipline, paranoia and innovation We’ll be great by choice, you’ll see With a culture that’s strong and true We’ll achieve success, it’s guaranteed.

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