Mon Nov-27-2023: Corporate Governance & Mission Alignment, Adapting to Outcome-Focused Engagements

In this episode, we discuss four important tech news updates, including OpenAI’s CEO drama and the importance of mission alignment. We also explore how the IT channel is adapting to new business dynamics and share findings from TechIsle’s latest survey. Additionally, we cover Microsoft’s Windows app preview, which brings Windows to Chromebooks and Macs, and Binance’s $4.3 billion restitution payment following money laundering charges. Stay tuned for all the latest in the business of tech.

Four things to know today

00:00 OpenAI did stuff and returned to the same state.

02:11 IT Channel Adapts to New Business Dynamics: Findings from Techaisle’s Latest Survey

05:19 Microsoft’s Windows App Preview: Bringing Windows to Chromebooks and Macs

06:56 Binance to Pay $4.3 Billion in Restitution Following Money Laundering Charges.

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