Microsoft Build: Enhanced Security, Co-Pilot Plus PCs, Recall, and Security Updates

Microsoft’s Build event showcased several key announcements, including the introduction of AI-powered CoPilot Plus PCs, enhanced security measures, and new AI tools. The CoPilot Plus PCs featured AI-powered ARM-based Snapdragon X Elite and Plus processors, offering advanced capabilities for automation, collaboration, and productivity. These devices were designed to streamline IT tasks, boost collaboration, and enhance overall productivity for users.

In terms of security, Microsoft unveiled a major push for Windows 11, introducing new features and updates to enhance user protections. This included the adoption of the Pluton security processor in the CoPilot Plus PCs, local security authority protection on all PCs, Windows Hello enhanced sign-in security, smart app control, and Windows Hello and Win32 app isolation updates. These security enhancements aimed to address cybersecurity challenges and provide users with a more secure computing environment.

Additionally, Microsoft introduced new AI tools and capabilities, such as the Recall feature for logging and retrieving user actions, real-time video translation on Microsoft Edge, and the release of Azure AI Studio with various AI models optimized for different tasks. These tools aimed to improve user experience, accessibility, and efficiency by leveraging AI technology to enhance various aspects of computing and communication.

Overall, Microsoft’s focus on AI-powered CoPilot Plus PCs, enhanced security measures, and new AI tools at the Build event highlighted the company’s commitment to innovation and improving the user experience in the digital landscape.


Four things to know today from Microsoft Build


00:00 Surface Event Highlights: AI-Powered Copilot Plus PCs, Enhanced Security, and New AI Tools

06:04 Microsoft Expands Copilot AI to Automate IT Tasks, Boost Collaboration, and Enhance Productivity

09:15 End of an Era: Microsoft Deprecates NTLM and VBScript, Shifts to Modern Security Measures

11:15 Windows 11 Recall Feature Sparks Privacy and Data Security Concerns




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