Karl Goes to ASCII Edge Featuring Sebastian Uchima, Ryan Cloutier, Frank Raimondi, & Trevor Digerolamo

In this special editions of SMBCP, we follow Karl on his journey at ASCII Edge.

We have four bite sized interviews with four smart guys:

Sebastian Uchima of Humanize IT

The Humanize IT Framework is a top down approach to client conversations that turns any Account Manager into a vCIO in under an hour by equipping them with a simple tool and continually educating them with a community. By having conversations rather than presentations your team will create genuine human connections through better conversations rather than presentations.

Ryan Cloutier of Security Studio

Ryan Cloutier is the President of SecurityStudio. As an experienced IT/Cyber Security professional with over 15 years of experience developing Cyber Security programs, Ryan is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP®) and Chief Information Security Officer for organizations across the country.

Frank Raimondi of Nodeware

Frank is a Strategic Channel Marketing Professional. He passionately contributes his experienced knowledge to help others make sense of channels and clarify their efforts by bringing together organizations to develop strategies and programs producing the highest value for all. If it’s not a win-win situation, it needs to be.

Trevor Digerolamo of ASCII

Trevor is Director of Strategic Projects at The ASCII Group. He has 20+ years of Business to Business sales experience in both financial sales and in Information Technology on a national level.


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