IT providers as sommeliers for AI: Manuj Aggarawl, the AI Ninja, weighs in

Many have dreams of making it big in business. But entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint-hearted. Particularly for an underdog in society. An immigrant from a developing country. Someone who went from earning $2/day to the boardrooms of Fortune 500, Manuj Aggarawl is the founder of TetraNoodle Technologies, an elite tech consulting firm that has been listed among the world’s top AI leaders.

His deep knowledge and experience in cutting-edge technologies, human psychology, and neuroscience have helped him build systems that result in exponential growth – both for individuals and organizations. He has spoken at prestigious universities, business conferences, many high-end masterminds, and even at the UN, sharing the virtual stage with the Sec-General of the UN and a Noble prize winner.




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