From Software Development to Cybersecurity: A New MSP’s Journey with Nerds to Go’s Paul Ongioni

Paul Ongioni, a seasoned tech professional, transitioned from software development to business ownership by launching the first Nerds to Go franchise in Chicago. With a focus on managed services and computer repair, Nerds to Go offers services to both residential and business clients. Paul’s motivation stemmed from a desire to work for himself and leverage his 15 years of experience in health tech to provide specialized MSP services to healthcare organizations. He highlighted the importance of cybersecurity, noting the increasing threats faced by small businesses and the need for education and protection.

As a new franchise owner, Paul shared insights into the responsibilities and benefits of operating under the Nerds to Go brand. While maintaining independence in day-to-day operations and pricing, he highlighted the support and resources provided by the franchise network, including vendor relationships and expert advice. Paul emphasized the significance of cybersecurity as a growth opportunity in the MSP space, given the rising threats and the lack of adequate protection in many organizations. He also acknowledged the potential for AI but expressed uncertainty about its future role in managed services.

In his role as a franchise owner, Paul discussed the importance of offering comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to clients, including outsourced monitoring and enterprise-level protection. By educating organizations on the importance of cybersecurity and providing tailored solutions, Paul aims to help businesses safeguard against cyber threats. Looking ahead, Paul sees cybersecurity as a key focus for growth in the MSP industry, emphasizing the need for continuous protection and proactive measures to mitigate risks. As he navigates the evolving landscape of technology and security, Paul remains committed to delivering top-notch services under the Nerds to Go brand.




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