Fri Sep-22-2023: AI on the Desktop in Win 11, Healthcare Transformation, and Ethics + Governance

In this episode of The Business of Tech, host Dave Sobel discusses the impact of AI on businesses. He highlights Microsoft’s new co-pilot feature in Windows 11, which seamlessly integrates AI assistance across various apps and experiences. The co-pilot can pull data from calendars, emails, and documents to assist with tasks like drafting texts and emails. It also offers real-time suggestions in apps like Outlook and includes voice and text commands for controlling the desktop experience. Additionally, Sobel explores how AI is transforming healthcare and discusses big ideas such as AI governance and separating fact from fiction.

Three things to know today

00:00 AI Arrives at Your Desktop: Implications of Microsoft’s Copilot on Business

04:56 The Doctor Will ‘See’ You Now: How AI Is Transforming Healthcare

07:21 Big Ideas This Week: AI Governance, Ethical Boundaries, and Separating Fact from Fiction


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