Five Minutes with Dave Seibert, YOUR Personal Goals, & What’s New in the News

Amy B has returned from a January in the UK. Brr! That said, we are happy to report that she kept warm and the pubs are a-boomin’…

Segment One: Five Minutes with a Smart Guy – Dave Seibert! 

It’s said humans can only concentrate for a good 15 minutes…Today, we explore five minutes of focus with our friend and renowned smart guy, Dave Seibert. 

Dave Seibert is a leader, author, speaker, and awarded influencer in the technology industry. His 35 year career includes Fortune 50 & 100 corporations, National IT Franchises, Business and Startups. Let’s pick at his brain, shall we?

You can pick his brain further at SMB Techfest. We hope to see you there!

Segment Two: Attaining YOUR Personal Goals & Microsoft Layoffs 

Amy B’s peer group is going live! We discuss the simple method that will propell you to success and, to quote Amy, “Make it rain.”. Hint, hint: marketing is kind of important.

Speaking of marketing, chatGPT remains relevant: Amy B uses it for content creation. Remember, it’s still in beta, so before you blindly chatGPT up your next newsletter, it’s best to give it an old fashion peer review. 

Oh yeah…and Microsoft…again. 

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