Episode 191: Lithium Ion Batters Recyclable, 9 in 10 SMBs Fear Ransomware Attack, and Rude Behavior might be Contagious

Topic 1: Good News on the EV Front: Lithium Ion Batteries can be Recycled!


Yes … we are headed for an EV world. No … there are not nearly enough batteries or charging stations or grid capacity to handle an EV world. But in a positive sign, it turns out that the rare Earth minerals used in LIon batteries do not degrade and can be recycled into new batteries. Increase supply. Reduce pollution. Recycle all those old battery items lying around your house. Win!


Topic 2: Nine in Ten SMBs Fear a Ransomware Attack    https://www.msspalert.com/cybersecurity-research/most-smbs-fear-ransomware-attack-amid-heightened-geopolitical-tensions/   A new study from OpenText reveals that nearly 9 in 10 SMB IT security professionals fear a ransomware attack on their organization … yet most do not plan to increase cybersecurity spending. Is this a failure to communicate … or a case of intentional ignorance?

Topic 3: Is Rude Behavior Contagious

Rude behavior on the rise: https://www.axios.com/2022/11/10/rude-behavior-frontline-workers

“Employees who experience rudeness at work are less satisfied with their jobs, less engaged with their work, less productive, less helpful, and less creative,” Taylor said.


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